Carton of 24 Organic Coconut Soaps (Lemongrass)


🥥 THE WORLD’S PUREST ORGANIC LEMONGRASS SOAP BAR — consists solely of 100% pure, coconut-derived, naturally alkaline Sodium Cocoate and organic essential oil of Cymbopogon flexous oil.

🌱 MADE FROM 100% ORGANIC, RAW, VIRGIN AND COLD PRESSED COCONUT OIL — Organic Food Chain (O.F.C) & EU Organic Certified. Consistent & Reliable Single Origin Coconut Oil: Produced on the Gazelle Peninsula on the Island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Not refined, deodorised or bleached, No preservatives, No perfumes, No colourings, No palm oil, Unhydrogenated. 

🖐️ HANDMADE & HAND-PACKAGED — Harvested wild by local farmers, who are paid above “Fair Trade” prices. Environmentally Responsible (no plantations) & Cruelty Free (no monkeys for picking).

👨🏿‍🌾 SUSTAINABLE LOCAL EMPLOYMENT — Staff numbers have increased to over 40 employees. The coconuts provide the main income for over 200 local families (many of them single mothers).


LEMONGRASS: Feel clean and refreshed.

Niugini Organics coconut oil soap with Lemongrass is our newest soap in the range.
Unlike other soaps that have harmful additives, our soap only contains four ingredients which includes essential oil of lemongrass which has been distilled from the stems and leaves of Cymbopogon citratus.


Statement No: 15072015/ Date of Issue: 15th July 2015 Client name: TBT Solutions Ltd Product name: Niugini Organics Lemongrass Soap. I, Anthony C. Dweck, Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on cosmetic products (recast) 2008/0035 (COD) dated 10 November 2009 (finally as 1223/2009 on 30 November 2009) and all subsequent additions which replace all other regulations. We have taken into consideration the general toxicological profile of each ingredient used, the chemical structure, the CIR panel evaluation where available, the level of exposure (full technical data and/or toxicology files are held for each ingredient) and a total daily exposure has been calculated along with the margins of safety for each ingredient. As a result of our evaluation the product has been classified as: SAFE.

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Weight 2.8 kg

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