Our Farmers

Kilala Tatani

Kilala Tatani is a smallholder at Napapar #2, she tells us a little of the process and schedule for an order of 1000 coconuts.

Her family is one of many smallholders who all regularly supply Niugini Organics with a standard order of 1000 wild-harvested coconuts each month. Lavinia Tovue is our Smallholder Coordinator. She schedules the orders and is also taking this interview in Kuana, a Tolai language.

Lavinia also ensures that our organisation meets organic standards. She also does regular field trips to address farmers concerns.  An annual audit is also taken of properties by a Australian representative from the OFC for organic certification.

Kilala addresses what many families in the area have faced; fluctuating copra prices and an unstable economy -especially since the relocation of the capital Rabaul due to the 1994 volcanic eruptions. Many businesses never recovered.
The high market price paid for organic coconuts to smallholders, and the consistent demand generated by Niugini Organics, is therefore highly valuable to the local community.

Soap Production

Rose Elias

Watch Rose Elias talk about her life, how she came to work at the Niugini Organics factory and see live footage of the soap being produced.

Soap Production Supervisor

Bob Koae

Watch Bob Koae, Soap Production Supervisor talk about his life and see the soap-cutting machine in action.


Anna Mongiello

Anna Mongiello loves the organic soap bars, because they are zero-plastic, gentle on the skin, organic certified and genuinely help the planet by being super-organic supporting biodiversity and rainforest preservation.

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